Open letter to the CEO of

July 5, 2019

Attention: Mr Todd Robinson

Dear Mr Robinson

Changing service providers is challenging. Webhostinghub promised the services that I needed, and I subscribed. Your technical support team is excellent. Not only that, your documentation is detailed, and easy to follow.

But I’m unhappy. The transcript of the initial conversation with your sales agent, Adam Block, confirms that you provide event scheduling on MySQL on the Nitro package that I purchased. The conversation confirmed that Webhostinghub will meet the explicit requirement to create events from within applications, without manual intervention.

Following the principle of “Caveat Emptor”, the needs were specifically stated, without any opportunity for misunderstanding.

Now, I have been informed that the service is not available unless I upgrade my package. That’s a bait and switch strategy. Tarnishing Webhostinghub’s hard-won reputation like that is undesirable.

I have been reminded that you have a 90 days money back guarantee. What I want is what I was promised. Technically, this is a simple using a single command with super admin privileges. My needs place no additional load on the server. Yes, other users might, but that cannot be used to force me to pay for an upgraded service.

We have routes to a sensible solution. Please contact me if you wish to explore them.

Yours sincerely,

Roy R Dalle Vedove

Open letter to the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines

19 November 2015

Attention: Mr. Tewolde Gebremariam
Chief Executive Officer
Ethiopian Airlines

Per Internet

Dear Mr. Gebremariam,

Loyalty awards

Having flown extensively with Ethiopian Airlines over the past 18 months, my current status as a ShebaMiles member is silver, but should be gold.

The miles flown recently on Thai Airlines have not been credited to my account. The fault for that may lie with Thai Airlines, but that the Ethiopian Airlines website fails to reflect the numerous attempts at entering the details in the Retrospective Mileage Credit Requests, is not. Nor is the futility of trying to notify the IT department of these issues through the Contact Us page. Entering the simplest details receives an “invalid characters” error message.

A visit to the Executive Profile page of the Ethiopian Airlines website has you as the Cheif Executive Officer, rather than the Chief Executive Officer.

It is fortunate that the service of the flight staff on the Ethiopian Airlines is vastly superior to that being provided to the company by its IT department.

As a frequent customer with Ethiopian Airlines, the level of frustration experienced using the website detracts from the overall experience that the flight staff work so hard to achieve.

Hopefully that is being remedied.


Roy R Dalle Vedove

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