The first big test

Donald Trump’s first big test will be his choices for the cabinet posts.

After he offended Mexicans, the British, Muslims, the Chinese, Koreans, Europeans, and the Japanese, the person that he chooses as America’s top diplomat will need to be an accomplished professional, capable of repairing the almost irreparable damage.

That choice will tell the world whether the shock of the election justifies their concern.

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The new rule of law – social media

20130518 amp506Humberto Benítez, head of the Mexico’s consumer protection agency, Profeco, is regretting his daughter abuse of his power.

Having not been given a table at one of Mexico City’s trendiest restaurants instantly as she had demanded, she threw a temper tantrum, threatening to close the place down.

Three hours later inspectors from the agency arrived and carried out the threat.

But she hadn’t reckoned on twitter and the backlash of the Mexican public who had had their fill of corrupt officials’ abuse of power. The story went viral and was soon picked up by the media, first locally and then international.

Within a week dad had lost his job, even after they had both apologized, and he had withdrawn the instruction to close the restaurant.

Too late!

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