Open letter to the chairman of Volkswagen

Monday, October 1, 2012

Attention Mr Piëch
The Chairman
Volkswagen AG

Dear Sir

For most people purchasing a new car is the second largest single outlay that they make. As the vehicle is driven from the showroom its value drops by as much as 30%, and that is the start of a steady decline.

As the leading motor industry executive, you will certainly be familiar with the huge expenses that the business incurs in advertising designed to help reassure recent buyers that their decision to procure your product was a wise one. It will also be familiar knowledge that converting a new customer is 10 times more difficult than keeping an existing one.

You will surely be disappointed to hear that the expense in successfully converting me to the Volkswagen brand was wasted. Volkswagen Delhi South, the dealer with which I wanted to place the order, after numerous requests, has failed to produce the a Pro Forma invoice, in the format required by the Ministry of External Affairs for diplomatically registered vehicles.

Although they have received specific instruction, as well as examples from dealers selling other brands, after weeks they continue to produce nothing but excuses and more false promises.

This leaves me no choice other than to place the order for another brand, from one of the dealers who know what is required, and can produce this simple document without delay.

Roy Dalle Vedove

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