Entering the debate

It’s a pity to see the contenders for the American presidency getting into an advertising slinging match, rather than addressing the country’s very real issues:

  • The growing cost of healthcare;
  • Unemployment;
  • “The fiscal cliff”;
  • The insolvent cities;
  • The growing energy crises;
  • Global warming;
  • The education system;
  • The government deficit;
  • The country’s complex tax structure;
  • The growing gap between rich and poor;
  • retaining America’s position as the World’s superpower and leading economy.

While waiting for a flight, a fellow passenger suggested a solution: “The government builds very large hamster exercise wheels connected to generators. The unemployed are hired to run on the wheels generating electricity. Energy crises, global warming, unemployment, healthcare all fixed.

Wheels are also made available to parents of children who are struggling at school. They are only allowed to watch television from the electricity that they generate themselves.

Similarly sports addicts are obliged to generate the electricity for the coverage that they watch. Healthcare and education improved.

The electricity generated by each person is measured and recorded. Leading contributors are selected to represent the country in the GE World Series. Television rights are sold, and the contenders receive the royalties. Gap between the rich and poor fixed.”

With a little more time, solutions to the other pressing issues would also have been found. We’ll just have to leave those for the presidential hopefuls.


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